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WarlickAndrew Tubbs

Andrew is an MD/PhD student currently completing the PhD portion of his training in the SHRP. Broadly speaking, Andrew is interested in the development, maintenance, and treatment of mental illness. Since sleep often features prominently in mental illness, Andrew's focus in the SHRP is on how sleep acts as a risk factor for mental illness development and disease course, as well as how therapies targeting sleep may improve mental illness symptomology. Ultimately, Andrew hopes to complete his residency in Psychiatry, fellow in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and work as a clinical research physician at an academic medical center. Outside of the lab, Andrew enjoys cooking, writing short fiction, and discussing theology.

KhaderWailuddin "Suhaib" Khader

Waliuddin (Suhaib) is a graduate student pursuing his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Arizona. In general, his research interests encompass sleep, depression and addiction. More specifically, he is interested in studying the incidence of insomnia and its different subtypes and their association with depression and alcoholism. Suhaib is also interested in understanding how different treatment modalities for insomnia can impact psychological disorders. In the future, he hopes to be a hybrid clinician researcher where part of his time will be spent providing treatment and the rest will be spent conducting research. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, reading books, and tinkering around in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. His co-mentors are Dr. Grandner and Dr. Fabian Fernandez.

DjurichSara Djurich

Hailing from Utah, Sara Djurich is a new Ph.D. student in the physiology department.  She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience.  Her current interests are still being developed... Sara joined the SHRP because she finds sleep fascinating and wants to learn more.  Sara enjoys reading, music, biking, and writing.


featherstonBreanna Featherston

Breanna is currently an honors student in her junior year pursuing a major in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (with an emphasis in Cognition), as well as a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona. Her primary research interests include the evolution of sleep and its modern effects, as well as the development of technologies that can improve daily life. Breanna aims to attend graduate school for neuroscience and ultimately hopes to earn her PhD. In her free time, she loves working on digital art, going to concerts, and spending time with her family and friends.

fourteD. Alex Fourte

Alex is a recent graduate from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Physiology. He is interested in how sleep affects the progression of cardiometabolic diseases and obesity. By working in the lab, Alex hopes to gain valuable knowledge and experience to aid in his quest in becoming a physician. Outside of the lab, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, counting stars, and chasing squirrels.

griffinNakayla Griffin

Nakayla is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with an emphasis in development and aging. She is interested in the interconnection between Alzheimer’s disease and sleep. She intends to continue to further understand how the quality of a person’s life can influence the onset or progression of various types of dementia. In her spare time, she pursues her second passion of studying the Earth and work at the Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium as an instructor for Earth Science Discovery

jajooAnjalee Jajoo

Anjalee is currently a freshman in the Honors College at the University of Arizona. Anjalee is currently pursuing a major in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with a minor in Spanish. By working in the lab, Anjalee hopes to gain more exposure to the medical field and further her interests in medicine. Anjalee hopes to pursue a career in the medical field as a physician

laneElizabeth Lane

Liz is a freshman majoring in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science. She holds a holistic, integrative perspective on health and wellness and is interested on how sleep factors in to one's health. With her newfound knowledge and experience, Elizabeth hopes to join the Peace Corps following graduation.

HallOlivia Liang

Olivia is pursing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with a minor in Spanish. She seeks to gain experiences and knowledge in our lab that may expand her current interests for the field of health and medicine. She aspires to pursue a career in healthcare, where she may provide care and support for patients. In addition to contributing her time to our Sleep and Health Research Program, Olivia also volunteers and serves as a mentor in the Honors College at the University of Arizona.

HallSerena Liu

Serena is currently an honors student pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Cognitive Development at the University of Arizona. Serena plans on attending school after graduating to become a Physical Assistant. She is working as a Research Assistant with the Health & Sleep Lab and is interested in learning more about dreams and how environmental factors influence sleep. In her spare time, Serena enjoys spending time with family and friends, finding dogs to pet, and eating good food.

OlivierKayla Oliviér

Kayla is an undergrad at the University of Arizona finishing up her last semester of her senior year. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and Pre-med. Upon graduation, Kayla plans on taking some time to travel before getting her PhD in Forensic Psychology. Kayla hopes to one day work for the FBI as a profiler.  She is currently volunteering her time assisting with the Sleep & Health Research Program.

phamBruce Pham

Bruce is currently a senior at the University of Arizona, majoring in Psychology B.S. and double minoring in Pre-Health and Public health. His chief interest within psychology is diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and his career aspiration is to become a psychiatrist. Aside from his academics, he enjoys being involved with his fraternity, road cycling and playing his guitar.

quirozHunter Quiroz

Hunter is currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona majoring in Nutritional Science with a minor in Biochemistry. She hopes to add a minor of Psychology as well. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a Medical Doctorate Degree. By working in the lab, she hopes to get more exposure in the medical field and in research to gain knowledge and experience. In her spare time, she enjoys art and volunteering with special needs kids through the Special Olympics

ramseyThea Ramsey

Thea is a junior at the University of Arizona pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with an emphasis on Biological Neuroscience. She is primarily interested in the relationship between sleep health and neurological and cognitive function. After graduation, Thea plans to enter the healthcare and research field in order to serve others through neuroscience. Outside of academics, she competes in cross country and track for the University of Arizona and enjoys spending time outdoors.

OlivierChristopher Sanchez 

Chris is currently a senior studying Physiology and Nutrition with dietetic emphasis with minors in Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Arizona honor’s college. He is interested in determining how nutrition can impact sleep quality. He plans on attending medical school, specializing in internal medicine. In his spare time, he enjoys baking bread and doing gymnastics on rings.

willsChloe Wills 

Chloe is a Junior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at the University of Arizona. Her study interests include how sleep and its quality affect cognitive behavior and ability. In the future, Chloe hopes to study the relationship between sleep and emotion as well as sleep and memory. Chloe plans to pursue a graduate degree to further her education and career in the sciences.

OlivierRon Tang 

Ron is currently a junior studying Physiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona Honors College. He is contributing to the Sleep and Health Research Program as a research assistant. Ron’s primary research interests include studying student athletes’ mental health and performance based on their sleep schedules. Outside of lab, he enjoys playing basketball, producing music, and spending time with his dog, Letitia. After graduation, Ron plans on attending medical school and ultimately becoming an orthopedic surgeon.


Bliznak, Victoria (2017-2018)

Carrazco, Nancy (2015-2016)

Charest, Jonathan (2018)

Davis, Benjamin (2015-2016)

Fisseha, Ephrat (2015-2017)

Fakhimi, Shyon (2015-2016)

Fisseha, Ephrat (2015-2017) (Honors Thesis)

Forbush, Sierra (2015-2017) (Honors Thesis)

Graham, Patrick (2015-2016)

Granados, Karla (2015-2017)

Haghighi, Ariana (2016-2018)

Hall, Christine (2015-2017) (Honors Thesis)

Jaszewski, Angelica (2015-2017)

Ji, Xiaowen (2017)

Kukafka, Laurel (2017-2018)

Mendoza, Paola (2016)

Ocaño, Demi (2015-2017)

Okuagu, Ashley (2015-2018) (Honors Thesis)

Paine, Kristen (2015-2016)

Poling, Kristi (2016-2018) (Honors Thesis)

Rhee, Joshua (2015-2016)

Saccone, Jeffrey (2015-2016)

Sandino, Michael (2017-2018)

Tabit, Lindsay (2015)

Till, Kristin (2016-2017) (Honors Thesis)

Warlick, Chloe (2015-2018) (Honors Thesis)

Yang, Robert (2015-2018)


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