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. The PalmPVT is a computerized test of how fast you can press a button. It runs on the Palm handheld device that was sent to you. This test is very simple. It lasts for a total of 10 minutes each time, so be sure that you can finish it once you start, because you cannot pause the test. Also, make sure it is as quiet as possible and there are absolutely no distractions during this time.



1. Take it at the right times.

This test is to be taken at three specific times during the study. All of these times are on Day 2, of the study, starting with your first morning after beginning the study.

Time #1: After first morning SLEEP LOG, starting within 30 minutes of waking up, before eating any food or drinking anything except water

Time #2: Any time between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM, before lunch

Time #3: Before the second evening SLEEP LOG, starting within 30 minutes of going to bed

2. Start the program.

Click on this icon: .

3. Choose your side.

If you are LEFT-handed, press the LEFT button. If you are RIGHT-handed, choose the RIGHT button. Then, press the UP button to start.






4. Start the test.

Every time you see the target, press your chosen button (LEFT or RIGHT). Press it as quickly as you can, as soon as you see the target. Each time you press the button, a number will appear, telling you the number of milliseconds that it took you to press the button. Keep pressing the button, every time you see the target. After 10 minutes, the test is over.

5. Make notes.

As soon as the test is over, fill out the Palm PVT Form, located immediately after this page.

5. Repeat the test.

As soon as the test is over, you will be brought back to the main screen. When you are ready to take the test again for the afternoon and evening, it will be ready for you. When you are finished with the final test, just leave it alone and send it back with the other materials. If you accidentally start the test without meaning to, simply wait for that test to be over and make a note of it when you call in. You should still take it at the specified times as well.



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