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GhaniSadia Ghani MD MBA

Sadia Dr. Ghani obtained her MD from Medical University of the Americas and completed her residency training in Psychiatry at the University of Arizona. She also completed a certification with the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine distinctive track.  She obtained her M.B.A. in Business Administration while studying at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI. Upon graduating from her residency training, she joined as a postgraduate research associate with the goal of becoming a physician-scientist. Her professional interests include neuroscience/neuropsychiatry, diet and nutrition, sleep medicine and behavioral health. Her interest in research focuses on reducing health disparities and improving mental health.  Her personal interests include spending time with friends and family, traveling, cooking, painting, yoga and zumba.

GorovoySuzanne Gorovoy PhD

Dr. Gorovoy completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Case Western Reserve University, with dual specializations in Child Clinical and Pediatric Psychology. She completed her predoctoral psychology internship in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona. Dr. Gorovoy also earned her EdM from Teachers College, Columbia University and worked for 14 years as a school psychologist (including here in Tucson). Her broad research interests include behavioral sleep medicine, treatment adherence, neuropsychological assessment, and pediatric psychology. Specific to behavioral sleep medicine, Dr. Gorovoy's research interests focus on adolescent adherence to CPAP, improving identification and screening of children with sleep problems in the community, and neurocognitive and behavioral sequelae of obstructive sleep apnea in children. When she is not working, Dr. Gorovoy loves to spend time with her three rescue dogs, volunteer at PACC, read, and bake treats for colleagues and friends.


ChamberlainStihlyn Chamberlain

Stihlyn is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program. Her research interests include sleep and its overall impact on children and adolescents with an emphasis on its educational impact. Through her time in Tucson's schools, she found a dearth of knowledge and awareness of sleep and its effects on student's health and their ability to function and succeed in school. Stihlyn hopes to further her understanding of sleep and its cognitive impacts to bring attention to this critical need, especially in the public school system.


Breanna Featherston

Breanna is a graduate student in the Clinical Translational Sciences program at the University of Arizona.

HutchisonStephen Hutchison

Stephen Hutchison, is a master's student in the Physiological Sciences GIDP. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona in Biomedical Sciences. After receiving his BS, He worked for several years in outpatient medicine where he became deeply interested in the causal factors underlying metabolic dysfunction in patients. In the SHRP, he is focused on elucidating the physiological mechanism by which sleep affects metabolic function and applying that knowledge to develop real-world strategies to improve the health of others.

KennedyKat Kennedy

Kat is pursuing a PhD in the Physiological Sciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Program. She is currently helping with various projects in the lab and eager to delve deeper into understanding the physiological mechanisms within the gut-brain axis that are impacted as our sleep continues to be affected by our changing environment. A freelance writer and trained microbiologist, Kat is passionate about scientific communication and fermented foods.

KhaderWailuddin "Suhaib" Khader

Waliuddin (Suhaib) is a graduate student pursuing his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Arizona. In general, his research interests encompass sleep, depression and addiction. More specifically, he is interested in studying the incidence of insomnia and its different subtypes and their association with depression and alcoholism. Suhaib is also interested in understanding how different treatment modalities for insomnia can impact psychological disorders. In the future, he hopes to be a hybrid clinician researcher where part of his time will be spent providing treatment and the rest will be spent conducting research. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, reading books, and tinkering around in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. His co-mentors are Dr. Grandner and Dr. Fabian Fernandez.

RasmussenElizabeth Rasmussen

Elizabeth is a Clinical Translational Sciences Ph.D. student at the University of Arizona and faculty associate with Arizona State University, College of Health Solutions. She graduated with a B.S. in Physiology from the University of Arizona, College of Medicine, in 2017, and holds an M.S. in Healthcare Delivery from Arizona State University, College of Health Solutions (2018). Elizabeth currently works in healthcare analytics and consulting aimed at improving the quality of care and overall health of underserved communities. She is interested in external impacts (environmental, social, behavioral) on health outcomes.

TheszIsadora Thesz

Isadora (Izzy) Thesz is a master's student in the physiological sciences GIDP program at the University of Arizona. She completed her BS degree in 2021, with a major in physiology and a double minor in biochemistry and french. She spent the duration of her undergraduate career competing on the UA wildcat club cheer team, serving on the team's executive board her final season. Izzy is very excited to begin her next journey as a researcher in the SHRP. In the future, she hopes to continue on to medical school, with the aspiration of becoming a surgeon.

TubbsAndrew Tubbs

Andrew is an MD/PhD student currently completing the PhD portion of his training in the SHRP. Broadly speaking, Andrew is interested in the development, maintenance, and treatment of mental illness. Since sleep often features prominently in mental illness, Andrew's focus in the SHRP is on how sleep acts as a risk factor for mental illness development and disease course, as well as how therapies targeting sleep may improve mental illness symptomology. Ultimately, Andrew hopes to complete his residency in Psychiatry, fellow in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and work as a clinical research physician at an academic medical center. Outside of the lab, Andrew enjoys cooking, writing short fiction, and discussing theology.

ValenciaDora Valencia MPH

Dora is a Ph.D. student in the Clinical Translational Sciences program at the University of Arizona. She obtained her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Global Health from the University of Arizona in 2019. Dora completed her undergraduate career in 2017, obtaining her BSHS in Physiology, BA in French and Francophone Studies and a minor in Biochemistry also from the University of Arizona. She wishes to be a part of the generation of researchers that increase minority representation in research, that promote disease prevention through the adoption of positive health behaviors, that advance the equitability of the health care system and lead public health and medicine to be more community and identity-centered. Dora’s research interests include chronic disease prevention and control, increasing the representation of underserved populations within search through community-based work, and utilizing the human experience as portrayed in literature and in spoken language to improve clinical research and clinical practices. Dora’s ultimate career goal would be to work as a Global Health Researcher that travels often to all of Latin America, France, and French speaking African nations.  



AbdiHarun Abdi

Harun Abdi is an undergraduate at the University of Arizona pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a major in Psychological Science. Harun is interested in how sleep affects an athlete's performance and how sleep affects the eyes.

ArceRuya Arce

Ruya is currently aa junior in the Honors College at the University of Arizona. She is majoring in Physiology and Spanish and minoring in Health and Human Values. Ruya hopes to gain experience in research by working in the lab, as she is pursuing a medical career as a physician. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, volunteering, and watching movies.

BlethenCaroline Blethen

Caroline is a sophomore in the Honors College at the University of Arizona majoring in Physiology and minoring in Spanish and Care, Health & Society. She dreams of going to medical school to become the most inclusive and holistic physician she can be and strongly feels that this comes from gaining as many perspectives as possible. That is why she is thrilled to further investigate how sleep affects all aspects of health and vice versa, whether that's psychologically, sociologically or physiologically. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering with underserved populations as Secretary and Membership Coordinator of the Flying Samaritans Club, as well as practicing Psychological First Aid as a Peer Leader through Wildcats RISE.

BobadillaVanessa Bobadilla

Vanessa is a Senior this year graduating at the end of Fall 2021, majoring in Psychological Sciences. She is also a Resident Assistant in Coronado Residence Hall and a Lifeguard Supervisor at Campus Recreation. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends, watching movies, or going on mini adventures. She plans to become a Clinical and Mental Health Psychologist and help others find relief in their struggles of life and promote a happier, healthier lifestyle in communities.

CawthornMadison Cawthon

Madi is currently a senior at the University of Arizona, majoring in Physiology and minoring in Business Administration. After graduation, she hopes to enter a physician assistant program. She would potentially like to specialize in dermatology, as she is interested in the field's cosmetic and general aspects. While working on research in the Sleep and Health Research Program, she hopes to gain new experiences and expand her knowledge on the importance and implications of sleep on the body and the mind.

CraigChloe Craig

Chloe is a junior majoring in Public Health and minoring in Biochemistry. She is interested in studying how health disparities, specifically among minority/ethnic groups, impact their susceptibility toward experiencing sleep disparities. After graduation, she plans on applying to medical school. Outside of school she enjoys being involved in several pre-health organizations, exploring Tucson, hiking, and swimming.

FuentesBrandon Fuentes

Brandon was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. He is a physiology student at the UofA with a minor in biochemistry. He has always loved the natural sciences and wants to further his education past his undergraduate degree. He also enjoys playing soccer and sand volleyball during his free time.

HamzeMohi Hamze

Mohi Hamze is an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona majoring in physiology and pursuing minors in both Biochemistry and Fashion. He is very interested in learning more about Endocrinology and hormone function in the human body.

HenderschotSierra Henderschot

Sierra Hendershot is an Undergraduate Student majoring in Physiology with a minor in Biochemistry. In the future, she would like to attend medical school. Aside from research, She is also involved in other organizations on campus such as the Partnership Through Honors (PATH) Mentoring program and the Physiology Honors Academy. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her Golden Retriever mix, Mr. Butters.

HoltCatie Holt

Catie Holt is a Sophomore majoring in Physiology & Medical Sciences and also has a minor in Health & Human Values. She is also involved on campus as an RA and a DA. Catie also is involved in several different clubs around campus and holds a few leadership positions.

JeppsonJacob Jeppson

Jacob is a 4th year Physiology student with a Minor in Psychology. He wants to go to physical therapy school and apply what he is learning in sleep to a career in PT.

KingAriana King

Ariana is currently majoring in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science with minors in Biochemistry and Information Science, Technology, and the Arts. She is interested in learning more about how disruptions of the circadian system can lead to sleep disorders. By being a part of the lab, she hopes to learn more about the neurobiology of sleep. She then hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

KuhlerCassandra Kuhler

Cassie is an honors student at the University of Arizona. She is a junior majoring in Physiology and minoring in Psychology. She is interested in sleep deprivation-related research because she would like to contribute to the academic and medical communities respective understandings of the nuanced ways that sleep influences mental health. Post-graduation, she intends to continue her higher education and pursue a career as a Physician Associate (PA).

MarshallJoseph Marshall

Joseph is currently an undergraduate student studying physiology and biochemistry. He has hopes of one day attending medical school and is passionate about quality patient care and cooking, specifically Italian and Hawaiian cuisine.

PhanSydney Phan

Sydney is a sophomore at the University of Arizona in the Honors College and the College of Science. She is pursuing a B.S. in Psychological sciences with the goal of eventually going to medical school. She is originally from Missouri, and in her free time, she like to travel!

ShahSayani Shah

Sayani is an undergraduate honors student in the neuroscience and cognitive science major with a minor in biochemistry. She was born in Fort Worth, TX and hopes to attend medical school in 2023 with goals of going into neurosurgery. She looks forward to learning more about how light pollution affects sleep, and in her free time enjoys travelling, hiking, and watching comedy shows.

WatkinsEllen Watkins

Ellen is a Physiology and Medical Sciences major and Biochemistry minor at the University of Arizona. She is interested in connections between sleep and mental health and her goal is to be a Physician Assistant.



Acosta-Gutierrez, Christopher (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Barker, Madison (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Barnard, Sophia (2017-2018) [High School Student]

Bliznak, Victoria (2017-2018) [Undergraduate]

Bombarda, AnnaLaura (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Carrazco, Nancy (2015-2016)

Charest, Jonathan (2018) [Visiting Graduate Student]

Clay, Miles (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Davis, Benjamin (2015-2016) [Undergraduate]

Djurich, Sara (2018-2019) [Graduate Student]

Fisseha, Ephrat (2015-2017) [Undergraduate]

Fakhimi, Shyon (2015-2016) [Undergraduate]

Featherston, Breanna (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Fisseha, Ephrat (2015-2017) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Forbush, Sierra (2015-2017) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Fourte, D. Alex (2018-2019) [Undergraduate]

Gautam, Khem (2018) [High School Student]

Gozar, Alexa (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Graham, Patrick (2015-2016) [Undergraduate]

Granados, Karla (2015-2017) [Undergraduate]

Griffin, Nakayla (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Guendulayn, Zaira (2018) [High School Student]

Haghighi, Ariana (2016-2018) [Undergraduate]

Hall, Christine (2015-2017) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Hanley, Brigid (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Holbert, Cameron (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Isalva Valenzuela, Luz (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Jajoo, Anjalee (2017-2020) [Undergraduate]

Jaszewski, Angelica (2015-2017) [Undergraduate]

Ji, Xiaowen (2017) [Visiting Graduate Student]

Kapoor, Ashna (2017-2020) [Undergraduate]

Kukafka, Laurel (2017-2018) [Undergraduate]

Liang, Olivia (2016-2019) [Undergraduate]

Liu, Serena (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Lujan, Matthew (2020-2021) [Graduate Student]

Mason, Brooke (2019-2021) [Graduate Student]

Mendoza, Paola (2016) [Undergraduate]

Mignanelli, Abby (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Morrison, Jac'Queline (2017) [High School Student]

Mota Villalobos, Kareli (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Nail, Lauren (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Ocaño, Demi (2015-2017) [Undergraduate]

Okuagu, Ashley (2015-2018) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Olivier, Kayla (2015-2019) [Undergraduate]

Onyeonwu, Chidera (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Paine, Kristen (2015-2016) [Undergraduate]

Parra, Gemma (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Pham, Bruce (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Piro, Bryce (2019-2020) [Undergraduate]

Poling, Kristi (2016-2018) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Quiroz, Hunter (2018-2019) [Undergraduate]

Ramsey, Thea (2018-2020) [Undergraduate]

Rhee, Joshua (2015-2016) [Undergraduate]

Rupple, Destiny (2019-2021) [Undergraduate]

Saccone, Jeffrey (2015-2016) [Undergraduate]

Sanchez, Christopher (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Sandino, Michael (2017-2018) [Undergraduate]

Tabit, Lindsay (2015) [Undergraduate]

Tang, Ron (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Till, Kristin (2016-2017) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Warlick, Chloe (2015-2018) (Honors Thesis) [Undergraduate]

Wills, Chloe (2017-2019) [Undergraduate]

Yang, Robert (2015-2018) [Undergraduate]



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