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See below for links to articles that Dr. Grandner has been quoted in.

Since many of these have been picked up and republished on numerous websites, not all articles are linked to directly (that would require thousands of links). Instead, we have linked to key articles below and provided links to date-specific google searches, so that you can get access to all the artiles published in that date range. (Note that some of these Google results are not about Dr. Grandner, but most of them are, and all of the linked articles are ones that he is featured in).

June, 2017

Social Jetlag Measured by Differences in Sleep Patterns on Days Off vs Work Days, Associated with Poor Health (UA)

UA Sleep Research Links Sleep Disturbances with Controlled, Illegal, or Banned Substance Use Among College Athletes (UA)

Social Jetlag Is Associated With Worse Mood, Poorer Health, and Heart Disease (Science Daily)

UA Study Finds Changing Sleep Patterns Damages Health (KJZZ Public Radio)

How Going To Bed An Hour Later On The Weekends Could Affect Your Health (Thrive Global)

Staying Up Late on Weekends Might Harm Your Health, Says University of Arizona Study (AZ Central)

Living Hard on the Weekends Can Wreck Your Health (Health Line)

Staying Up Late on Weekends May Be Harmful (Dr. Oz Blog)

6 Workout Rewards that Don't Cost Calories (FitBit)

Your Horrible Weekend Sleep Habits Are Hurting Your Health (Swirled)

New Research Suggests the Importance of a Regular Sleep Schedule (Yahoo Lifestyle)

Sleep Disturbances Predict Substance Abuse Among College Athletes (Sport Digest)

Having a "Social Jet Lag" Lie In Over The Weekend After a Night Out Could KILL You (Mirror)

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May, 2017

What Snacks to Eat for Better Sleep (CNN)

9 THings You Should Never Do To Get Yourself To Sleep, No Matter How Tired You Feel (Romper)

Working Out Can Help Improve Your Sleep! (Aerofin Athletic)

The 15 Most Interesting People in Sleep (Van Winkle's)

Clean Sleeping: 7 Habits for a Better Bedtime Routine (Sporteluxe)

5 Simple Tips to Get Better Sleep (Today Online)

To Nap or Not To Nap? (Good Nature Today)

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April, 2017

Sleeping for Peak Performance and Your Heart (UA Sarver Heart Center)

Drooling, Snoring, Talking, Walking: What Your Sleep Habits Reveal About Your Health (US News)

The Perfect Workout is Here: This Gym Offers 'Sleeping' as an Exercise Class (Broadly)

Why Getting A Good Night's Rest Can Help You Lose Weight (FitBit)

Sleep: What to do, what not to do (Thrive Global)

Eating and drinking before bed -- Do or don't (Fitbit)

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March, 2017

Talking Sleep with Dr. Michael Grandner (Fitabase)

Fitbit AltaHR unveiled as the slimmest fitness wristband with continuous HR monitor (mHealth Spot)

The Importance of Getting Out of Bed When You Can't Sleep (Oprah)

REM, Light, Deep: How Much of Each Stage of Sleep Are You Getting? (Fitbit)

Has Fitbit Discovered the Secret to Sleep Tracking? (Consumer Reports)

6 Things You Should Never Do In Bed (Thrive Global)

7 Sleep Strategies for Energy and Focus (Thrive Global)

The Link Between Sleep and Weight Loss (Cooking Light)

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February, 2017

The Right Way to Take Every Type of Sleeping Pill (Health)

6 Rules for Healthy Living That Every Night Owl Should Know (Huffington Post)

Is Insomnia Really an Epidemic? (Van Winkles)

Napping Could Be The Key to a Better You! (Fitbit)

5 Reasons You Might Be A Restless Sleeper (Fitbit)

Why Sleep Is So Important for Weight Loss (Fitbit)

Athletics As A Benefit of Detriment to Academic Performance (Swarthmore Phoenix)

Ten 'harmless' little habits which could stop you getting a good night's sleep (Yahoo! News UK)

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January, 2017

Intervention Could Help Student-Athletes Sleep (UA News)

These 7 Strange Therapies Might Solve Your Sleep Problems (TIME)

What's The Best Sleeping Pill? (TIME)

11 Things Healthy People Never Say (Real Simple)

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December, 2016

Good Sleep Is More Than A Personal Choice (Van Winkles)

New Year, New You! (Fitbit)

This Is Your Body on Sleep Deprivation (Under Armour)

8 Experts Confess Their Biggest Health Regrets of the Year (US News)

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November, 2016

More Evidence Ties Sugary Caffeinated Drinks to Poor Sleep (Fox News)

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October, 2016

News Flash: College Students Don't Get Enough Sleep, So Here Are Some Tips on How To Fix That (Daily Wildcat)

Getting a truly restful night's sleep requires a little preparation (Inc.)

Are Americans Walking More Today Than at This Time Last Year? (US News)

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September, 2016

Poor sleep is a lifestyle CV risk factor: AHA statement (MedScape)

Heart Disease: Could Sleep Disorders Play a Role? (Medical News Today)

6 Healthy Summer Habits (and How to Keep Them Year-Round) (Her Campus)

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August, 2016

Can These New Devices Really Healp You Sleep, Drug Free? (US News)

Melatonin misconceptions (Nutritional Outlook)

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July, 2016

Get into bed: Poor sleep could affect your health more than you realise (Today Online)

7 Hormones Every Woman Needs to Understand (Prevention)

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June, 2016

Fitbit unveils simple path to healthy sleep habits with new, personalized sleep schedule feature (Fitbit)

UA Researchers: A Dream Team for Treating Sleep Disorders (UA)

Fitbit wants you to go to the F to sleep (BuzzFeed)

Fitbit's newest feature reminds you to go to bed (TechCrunch)

Fitbit unveils Sleep Schedule feature to personalise sleep goals (Indian Express)

Get Your Beauty Rest with Fitbit 'Sleep Schedule' (PC Mag)

Fitbit sleep schedule feature helps you optimize your sleeping habits (Android Community)

Restless sleep isn't always bad (But here's when it's a problem) (Fitbit)

Fitbit Says You're Using Your Alarm Clock All Wrong (Huffington Post)

8 Morning and Nighttime Rituals Health Pros Swear By (US News)

Childhood Trauma Linked to Development of Insomnia as an Adult (RT)

5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your HGH (Men's Health)

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May, 2016

What one week of bad sleep does to your body (Oprah)

Working out can improve your sleep -- Here's how! (FitBit)

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April, 2016

Finding sleep's sweet spot (Science Daily)

This is a public health crisis: America's sleep inequality matches its income inequality (Salon)

Are You In Sleep Debt? Here's How to Balance Your Bedtime Budget (FitBit)

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March, 2016

Sleep and Weight Gain (Tufts Now)

Think Melatonin is Harmless? Think Again (The Blaze)

The Real Reason You Feel Sleepy in the Afternoon (FitBit)

Read This If You Take Melatonin To Sleep At Night (Huffington Post)

Healthy Sleep for Student-Athletes: A Guide for Athletics Departments and Coaches (NCAA)

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February, 2016

Your Heart Needs Sleep (US News)

Athey, Grandner Awarded NCAA Innovations in Research Grant (AZ Wildcats)

You Asked: How Can I Prevent Jet Lag? (TIME)

University of Arizona Research Team Receives NCAA Grant to Study Student-Athlete Sleep (Sport Techie)

I Basically Cured My Insomnia (HeadSpace)

Healthy Sleep for Student-Athletes: A Guide for Athletics Departments and Coaches (NCAA)

NCAA Mental Wellness Best Practices Released (SRS)

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January, 2016

What Journalists Get Wrong About Social Science, According to 20 Scientists (Vox)

There Should be PTO for Zzzzzz (Yahoo! News)

How Exercise Helps You Sleep (Wyza)

Oversleeping: The Effects and Health Risks of Sleeping Too Much (Huffington Post)

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December, 2015

The Over-The-Counter Drug that can Destroy your Sleep (Alternet)

Game Changers in 2015: SERVE-HF Upends ASV in Sleep Apnea (MedPage Today)

The Dark Side of Melatonin (Huffington Post)

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November, 2015

6 Unexpected Ways to Recharge for 2016 (Oprah)

The Steep Cost of a Lack of Sleep (UA News)

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October, 2015

The Curious Case of Jasper County, the Place where Everyone is Sleep Deprived (Mic)

5 Things You Should Never Do In Bed (SimpleMost)

Why You Should Quit Caffeine (And How To Do It) (Her Campus)

The Best (And Worst) Areas in the Country for Sleep (Huffington Post)

New study reveals cities where Americans have most trouble sleeping (NY Daily News)

A new study reveals where Americans have the most trouble sleeping (Washington Post)

Sleep study finds "hotspot" regions where Americans don't get enough rest (The Guardian)

The Black-White Sleep Gap (The Atlantic)

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September, 2015

UA Sleep Researcher Authors Section on Sleep Disparities in Congressional Report (University of Arizona)

13 All-Natural Ways to Fall Asleep Faster (Huffington Post)

Insomnia may be at Heart of Suicide (Brightwater Landing)

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August, 2015

Internationally Recognized Sleep and Health Researcher Joins UA Department of Psychiatry in Tucson (University of Arizona)

Why we Need Zzzs (Penn Medicine)

10 Things to Avoid if you Want Your Beauty Sleep (Body Rock)

Move during the day to toss and turn less at night (Easy Health Options)

New Insomnia Prescribing Approach Contrasts Standard of Practice (PsychCongress Network)

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July, 2015

If You Have Insomnia, Pills May Not Be The Answer (USA Today)

CBT Effective for Comorbid Insomnia (MedScape)

Got Insomnia? Change the Way You Think (DailyRx)

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June, 2015

4 Insomnia "Cures" That Just Don't Get The Job Done (Prevention)

Some Types of Physical Activity May Cause Poor Sleep (Psych Central)

Study Maps the Types of Physical Activity Associated with Better Sleep (Medical Xpress)

Exercise Improves Sleep Health (NewsMax)

Employee Wellness Starts With A Better Night's Sleep (Penn)

Some Physical Activity Promotes Sleep Better Than Others (Medical Daily)

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May, 2015

Latest Treatment for Mental Illness: Better Sleep (

5 Sleep Problems Nobody Talks About (Health)

Sleep Hacks (CNN)

Do You Sleep Too Much? (US News)

Sleep As Elixir (Philadelphia Inquirer)

What happens when our Pulse 'Lab Rat' Goes Caffeine Free? (NewsWorks)

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April, 2015

7 Things You SHould Never Do In Bed (And 2 You Definitely Should) (Huffington Post)

Can't Sleep? Why You Probably Shouldn't Bother Taking Sleeping Pills (Woman's Day)

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March, 2015

Expert Says that Being Sleep Deprived Leads to Weight Gain, Other Disorders (

Sleep Deprived? Naps Might help Your Immune System (Reuters)

20 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed (TIME)

Seriously, Stop Worrying About Daylight Saving Time (TIME)

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February, 2015

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January, 2015

The New Rules for Better Sleep (PopSugar)

Science-Backed Strategies on How to Sleep Better (SHAPE)

Think Snoring is Normal? Why Sleep Apnea Shouldn't Be Ignored (CNN)

7 Reasons You're Waking Up All Wrong (US News)

AASM Congratulates New Fellow Member (AASM)

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December, 2014

How should I prepare for a nighttime race? (Outside)

For best test results, experts advise a full night's rest (Pipe Dream)

Sleepless in Elon: To sleep or not to sleep, that shouldn't be the question. (The Times News)

Color your way to a better night's sleep (Leeo)

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November, 2014

5 Tricks for the Best Nap Ever (Health)

4 Wierd Ways teh Time Change Affects Your Health (Yahoo)

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October, 2014

Mind, Body and Sport: Depression and anxiety prevalence in student-athletes (NCAA)

How to Sleep Better: Actionable Advice from 13 Health and Fitness Experts (AmeriSleep)

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September, 2014

What's Worse?: Expert Advice for Everyday Health Dilemmas (

Sleep On It: Sleep Might Just Be the Most Important Part of Daily Health -- And the Biggest New Target for Biomedical Engineering (IEEE Pulse)

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August, 2014:

6 Healthy Summer Habits (And How To Keep Them Year-Round) (Her Campus)

Your Body: Secret Sabateurs (Dance Magazine)

So Now We Only Need 7 Hours of Sleep? Not So Fast (Real Simple)

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July, 2014:

7 Things Sleep Experts Wish You Would Stop Saying About Getting Your Zzs (Huffington Post)

Most Comfortable Hotel Beds (Travel + Leisure)

Why a 20-Minute Nap Could Change Your Life (Men's Health)

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June, 2014:

Why a 20-Minute Nap Could Change Your Life (Men's Health)

10 Rules Happy People Make and Follow (Paper Blog)

Study Links Pot Use with poor Sleep (WebMD)

UPenn Study: Pot Might Be What's Screwing Up Your Sleep (Philadelphia Magazine)

Marijuana Use Can Bring Sleepless Nights, Study Finds (TIME)

Marijuana Use Associated with Impaired Sleep Quality (Science Daily)

Study Links Pot Use with Poor Sleep (Health Day)

Penn Medicine Study Finds Marijuana Use May Impair Sleep Quality (PennMedicine)

Marijuana Might Mess with Sleep (Or Not) (Daily Pennsylvanian)

Cannabis Affects Sleep Quality, With Problems Worse for Those who Start Early, Scientists Claim (The Independent)

Smoking Cannabis Does Affect Sleep, Especially if You Start Before the Age of 15 (Daily Mail)

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May, 2014:

To Sleep Well, Adjust What You Eat and When (The Courant)

Marijuana Use is Associated with Impaired Sleep Quality (AASM)

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April, 2014:

It's Time to Pay Attention to Sleep, the New Health Frontier (TIME)

13 Secret Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Loss (Weather Channel)

To Get Better Sleep, Which Foods Should You Seek and Which Should You Avoid? (Washington Post)

How Much Sleep is Enough? Researchers Will Evaluate National Guidelines (Newsworks)

No Magic Number: Penn Medicine Researcher to Be Among Architects of New National Sleep Recommendations (PennMedicine)

Got Sleep? (Scitable by Nature Education)

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March, 2014:

Sleep Your Way To Better Heart Health (Kellogg's Healthy Investments)

37 Scientifically-Backed Tips for Better Sleep Tonight (Huffington Post)

5 Things You Should Never Do In Bed! (Bubblews)

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February, 2014:

Snoozing in Sochi: Penn Expert Discusses Why Athletes Need Sleep for Medal-Winning Performances (PennMedicine)

Woman With Heart Disease Who Almost Died in Labor Is Proof We're All at Risk (CafeMom)

What's Worse? An All-Nighter vs 2 Hours of Sleep (Oprah)

Go Red to Battle Women's Heart Disease Today! (Downtown)

Philly Students Get A Chance to Live WELL (

How Much Sleep is Enough? (Savvy Insomniac)

The #1 Disease That Claims Lives of Women is Not Cancer, Do You Know How to Prevent It? (Green Beauty Team)

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January, 2014:

We Need More Sleep (Boston Globe)

Go Red for Women Even Spreads the Word via Bloggers, Social Media (AHA)

Doctor Radio Guests 2014 (SiriusXM Doctor Radio)

Milk and Brazil Nuts will Send You Off To Sleep (Daily Mail)

How Sleep Can Heal Your Heart (HuffPost Live)

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December, 2013:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Voices In The Family, WHYY)

Ways to Boost Your Energy When You Haven't Slept (Oprah)

The 50 Fittest Breakthroughs of 2013 (Men's Fitness)

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November, 2013:

Too Little Sleep Linked to Heart Disease Risk (Reuters)

Your Tough Love Guide to Getting Enough Sleep (ELLE)

Alert and Alive: Drowsy Driving Technologies (Sleep Review)

Daylight-Saving Time Casts the Lehigh Valley into Darkness at the Wrong Time (Morning Call)

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October, 2013:

Drowsy Driving Becoming a Dangerous Problem (CBS Tampa Bay)

Short Sleepers Most Likely to be Drowsy Drivers (Science Daily)

Short Sleepers Get Drowsy Behind the Wheel (Men's Fitness)

Less Sleep Means More Risk of Drowsy Driving (Futurity)

Short Sleepers Beware! (The Hindu)

Survey: Drowsy Driving More Likely for "Short Sleepers" (US News)

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September, 2013:

Can't Sleep? Don't Stay in Bed Tossing and Turning (Daily Herald)

Black Professionals More Likely to Skimp on Sleep (USA Today)

13 Natural Ways To Fall Asleep Without Sleeping Pills (Wellness Today)

Insomnia Poses Hypertension Risk (News Medical)

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August, 2013:

Irregular Sleep Can Be Dangerous (

Ways to Boost Your Energy When You Haven't Slept (Oprah)

What Sleep Experts Do To Get A Good Night's Rest (Huffington Post)

Penn Medicine Researchers Find Sleep Beliefs Vary Along Racial Lines in Philadelphia (Penn Medicine)

Sleep Beliefs Vary Between Races, Study Finds (Huffington Post)

Have More Energy for Sex (and Everything Else) (Yahoo! Shine)

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July, 2013:

Eat to Sleep: Which Foods Help Your Zzz's? (AARP)

Still Slacking on Sleep? (Prevention)

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June, 2013:

Sleep Crisis: The Science of Slumber (MacLean's)

Sleepy men May Be Sexually Aggressive (Lawyer Lounge)

13 Expert-Approved Sleep Tips (Shape Magazine)

Is Your Job Messing With Your Sleep? (Men's Health)

Sleep in 2013 (Prevention)

Higher Activity Jobs Tied to Sleep Extremes (Science Daily)

What the Sleep Experts Do To Get A Good Night's Rest (Oprah)

Insomnia May Bring Suicidal Thoughts (MedPage)

If You Could Only Give One Piece of Sleep Advice, What Would It Be? (Huffington Post)

Why Kids Need Sleep and How Parents Can Help (

Studies link insomnia and suicide risk (Newsworks)

Breathing problems may cause insomnia without you realizing it (Washington Post)

How Your Nursing Job May Affect Your Sleep Hours and Vice Versa (Travel Nursing)

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May, 2013:

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April, 2013:

What you eat - and how much - affects your sleep, study says (The Nation's Health)

Sleep Myths: What's Fact and What's Fiction When it Comes To Your Slumber (Huffington Post)

12 Common Sleep Myths, Busted (Shape Magazine)

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March, 2013:

What's Your Sleep type? (Doctor Oz)

Healthy Diets and Better Sleep (Men's Journal)

Penn Medicine Researchers Take a Closer Look at Sleep and Heart Health (Penn)

Sleep and Exercise: Vigorous Exercisers Report the Best Sleep, Poll Says (Huffington Post)

Exercising Close to Bedtime is OK (USA Today)

Diet and Sleep Linked? (WITF Radio SmartTalk)

Working Out Before Bedtime May Mean Better Sleep (CBS News)

Sleep In America 2013: Sleep and Exercise (

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February, 2012:

Does Your Diet Influence How Well You Sleep? (Time)

Diet Affects Sleep Patterns, Study Finds (Huffington Post)

Are You Really A Healthy Eater? (Prevention)

A Totally Unexpected Perk to Healthy Eating (Cosmopolitan)

Does your diet influence how well you sleep? (CNN)

Check Up: Study seeks new insight on sleep and diet (

Less Sleep Means More Calories (WebMD)

Poor Nutrition Can Bite Into Your Sleep (Health)

Can't sleep? Ditch the fry up, tuck into a salad and glug plenty of water (Daily Mail)

Diet and sleep linked? (WITF Radio Smart Talk)

Study Finds How Much You Sleep Is Closely Tied To What You Eat (CBS)

New Penn study links eating, sleeping habits (Newsworks)

The Checkup: What You Eat Determines How Well You Sleep (Philadelphia Magazine)

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January, 2012:

Awakening to Sleep (APA Monitor)

40 Percent of Police Officers Suffer from Sleep Disorders (MNN)

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December, 2012:

Answer these 5 Easy Sleep Questions (Cooking Light)

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November, 2012:

Not Enough Sleep: A Risk for Diabetes? (Diabetes Monitor)

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October, 2012:

Ask an Expert: All About Sleep (Lifehacker)

How Sleep Doctors Sleep (Oprah)

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September, 2012:

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August, 2012:

How Well You Sleep May Hinge on Race (NY Times)

Lost Sleep May Be Linked to Racial Diferences (89.3 KPCC)

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July, 2012:

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June, 2012:

(Dis)United States of Sleep (Scientific American)

Sleep and Diet: Too Few Hours of Shut0Eye Clouds Judgment (Huffington Post)

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May, 2012:

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April, 2012:

Sleep Problems Linked To Obesity, Diabetes (ABC News)

Sleep Study Suggests Triggers for Diabetes and Obesity (Science)

New Findings on Sleep in Children, Older Adults (VOA)

Rise and Shine: How To Be Effective at Work (WetFeet)

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March, 2012:

Adults In Their 80s Report Sleeping Better, Says Study (ABC News)

Sleep Quality Improves for Adults as They Age, Study Suggests (CBS News)

Live Long, Sleep Better? (Psych Central)

Older Adults Sleep Better Than Younger Set (US News)

Older People Report Better Sleep (UPI)

Seniors Say They Sleep Better Than Younger Adults (MSNBC)

Study: Sleep Gets Better With Age (TIME)

Sleepless in West Virginia? Study Reveals Sleepiest States (MSNBC)

The Older You Are, the MORE Likely You Will Sleep Like A Baby, Claim Scientists (Daily Mail)

People Sleep Better As They Age (AARP)

If You Think A Glass of Wine Will Help You Sleep, Read This (Huffington Post)

The Six Worst States for Sleep (Fox Business)

Surprising Sleep Saboteurs (BestLife)

Older Adults Do Get A Good Night's Rest (EverydayHealth)

Sleep Doesn't Worsen With Agem Study Shows (LA Times)

Score Better ZZZ's On The Road (Men's Health)

Sleep May Improve With Age, Study Shows (Huffington Post)

Does Sleep Improve With Age? (AOL)

Defying Expectations: Penn Medicine Study Reveals Americans Report Improved Sleep WitH Age (Penn News)

Southerners Can't Get A Good Night's Sleep, Study Finds (MSNBC)

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February, 2012:

Southerners Sleepiest, US Sleep Map Shows (HealthDay)

Southerners the Sleepiest in the US, Study Says (Fox News)

Sleepless in the South (Science Daily)

The Weary South (The Daily)

Who are the Sleepiest Americans? Researchers map out fatigue (Advisory Board Company)

CDC: Southerners Sleepiest in the US (NewsMax)

Which State is teh Sleepiest? (Huffington Post)

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January, 2012:

Local Researchers Say Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Long List of Health Problems (CBS Philly)

5 Secrets to Better Sleep (Shine / Yahoo)

Sleep Problems Tied to CV, Metabolic Troubles (Medpage)

Bad Sleep Patters Could Increase Diabetes Risk (

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December, 2011:

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November, 2011:

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October, 2011:

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September, 2011:

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August, 2011:

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July, 2011:

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June, 2011:

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May, 2011:

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April. 2011:

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March, 2011:

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February, 2011:

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January, 2011:

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2008 and earlier:

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