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These are the current and past undergraduate student projects. To learn more about our training programs, visit our training programs page.


Sophia Bernard
Adverse childhood experiences in student athletes associated with sleep (REST)

Victoria Bliznak
Sleep and concussion (REST)

Ariana Haghighi
Suicide and sleep in college students (NCHS)

Olivia Liang
Sleep and diabetes risk in the population (NHIS)

Serena Liu
Sleep paralysis and hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations in student athletes (REST)

Christina Meridew
Academic performance and sleep in student athletes (REST)

Ashley Okuagu
Sleep disparities among college students in majority-white vs majority-minority institutions (NCHS)

Kayla Olivier
Domestic violence and sleep disturbance (SHADES)

Christipher Sanchez
Nighttime snacking and poor health

Christopher Sanchez
Dietary supplement use and sleep (SHADES)

Michael Sandino
Sleep duration and perceived cognitive decline (BRFSS)

Ron Tang
Drowsy driving in student athletes (REST)

Andrew Tubbs
Time-of-day patterning in suicide methods (NVDRS)

Andrew Tubbs
Seasonal patterning in suicide (NVDRS)

Chloe Warlick
Discrimination and sleep in college students (NCHS)

Robert Yang
Work productivity loss and sleep (SHADES)


Ephrat Fisseha
Sleep and multiple dimensions of socioeconomics (SHADES)

Sierra Forbush
Social jetlag, sleep, and health (SHADES)

Karla Granados
Acculturation and sleep duration, insomnia, and sleep quality at the US-Mexico border

Christine Hall
Sleep and academic performance in student athletes (NCHA)

Anjelica Jaszewski
Sleep and mental health in student athletes (REST)

Christina Meridew
Time and activity demands and impact on sleep in student athletes (REST)

Demi Ocaño
Validation of a touchscreen psychomotor vigilance task

Ashley Okuagu
Nativity associated with sleep health at the US-Mexico border

Kayla Olivier
Development and validation of a brief measure of sleep control (SHADES)

Kristi Poling
Sleep and food insecurity (SHADES)

Kristin Till
Sleep and risky drinking behavior in student athletes (NCHA)

Chloe Warlick
Sleep and substance use in student athletes (ACHA)

Robert Yang
Self-described sleep category associated with observed sleep and health (SHADES)


Benjamin Davis
Nightmares, stress, and daytime function (SHADES)

Ephrat Fisseha
Sleep duration and neurocognitive function

Sierra Forbush
Sleep and headaches (KS State Employee Wellness Program)

Patrick Graham
Longitudinal Analysis of Actigraphic Data

Karla Granados
Childhood adverse events and adult sleep disturbance (SHADES)

Christine Hall
Habitual sleep duration and health: A possible role for exercise (BRFSS)

Angelica Jasczewski
Depression in short sleep and the role of insomnia (SHADES)

Christina Meridew
Beliefs and attitudes about sleep in relation to overall health (SHADES)

Demi Ocaño
Sleep and social support (SHADES)

Ashley Okagu
Self-directed cognition and insomnia (SHADES)

Kayla Oliviér
How the physical environment affects sleep (SHADES)

Kristen Paine
Insufficient and poor quality sleep associated with life satisfaction (SHADES)

Joshua Unbin Rhee
Timing and motivations for smoking related to insomnia symptoms (SHADES)

Jeffery Saccone
Use patters of caffeine in relation to sleep in a general population sample (SHADES)

Lindsay Tabit
Sleep and socioeconomic indicators (SHADES)

Chloe Warlick
Alcohol use patters in relation to sleep (SHADES)

Robert Yang
The moderating effect of caffeine in the relationship between sleep and depression (SHADES)



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