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The following videos are available for viewing:

Charest Sleep Screening in Student-Athletes and Sleep Characteristics of Athletes
Jonathan Charest
University of Calgary
Halson What We Know about Sleep in Elite Athletes
Shona Halson
Australian Catholic University
Shaw Sleep Programs in Olympics and Professional Athletics
Lindsay Shaw
Cleveland Guardians

Working as a Sleep Consultant for Collegiate and Professional Athletics Teams: Panel Discussion
Meeta Singh
Performance Sleep Consulting

Brendan Duffy
CHSLI Sleep Services

Michael Grandner
University of Arizona

Athey Sleep Basics...Until It's Not: Lessons Learned from Implementing Sleep Science Programs
Amy Athey
Naval Special Warfare
Brauer Sport-Informed Sleep Care: Prevalence and Causes of Sleep Concerns Among Athletes
Ashley Brauer
Private Practice
Van Der Helm Sleep in Organizations: How to Support Leaders, Teams, and Individual Employees
Els Van Der Helm
Flynn Evans Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Altered Gravity
Erin Flynn-Evans
Martin Sports Performance Analytics in Pro Sports
Lorena Martin
Universityof Southern California
Fullagar Sleeping to Win or Not to Lose? Sleep, Performance and Travel Implications for Elite Athletes
Hugh Fullagar
University of Technology Sydney
Turner Brain Health and the Issue of Obstructive sleep Apnea in Black Former NFL and Follege Football Players
Robert Turner II
George Washington University
Bader 21st Century Cannabis: Impact on Performance
LaTisha Bader
Womens Recovery
Erlacher Lucid Dreaming and Sport
Daniel Erlacher
University of Bern
Walch Advancing the Science of Wake Detection Using Wearables
Olivia Walch
Chinoy Consumer Sleep Technology: Evaluation, Performance, and Use Cases
Evan Chinoy
US Navy
Markwald A Case for Wearables in Supporting the Operational Readiness of US Navy Shipboard Sailors
Rachel Markwald
US Navy
Bender Polysomnographic Sleep Quality & Cognitive Performance
Amy Bender
Goldstein Wearable Sleep Tracking Technologies
Cathy Goldstein
University of Michigan
Gooley Early School Start Times are Bad for Sleep, Attendance, and Grades
Joshua Gooley
Hanline Sleep, Sport, and Mental Health
Brian Hainline

Performance Responses to Sleep Deprivation in Adults: Individual Differences and Biomarkers
(no recording available)
Namni Goel
Rush University



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