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 ProjectREST Videos

The ProjectREST (Recovery Enhancement and Sleep Training) video series is a set of educational videos on the sleep and recovery for student athletes. This series was developed with funding from the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). Over a series of 5 sets of brief videos (totalling over 3 hours of content), we provide education about the basics of sleep, how to identify sleep problems, how to troubleshoot sleep problems, how sleep impacts athletic performance, and how to further optimize your sleep even if you don't have problems. The NCAA recommends that all athletics programs provide education to athletes and coaches on these topics.

Go to the course info page and register for the course. Any individual affiliated with an NCAA member institution can receive a 97% discount off the full price for access. Request a discount code (then use that code when you Register for the course)

 Essential Topics in Behavioral Sleep Medicine

The Essential Topics in Behavioral Sleep Medicine seminar series took place as a set of online presentations July to October 2020. This series addresses a wide range of introductory and intermediate topics in the field of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, featuring many of the leading voices in the field. Topics included address basics of sleep and sleep disorders, basics of behavioral sleep medicine interventions, applications of dreams and other sleep phenomena, applications across the lifespan, applications in special populations, and applications of sleep health for population health. This series includes over 30 lectures. Access to lecture recordings is provided for free for all sleep trainees.

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Our regular Behavioral Sleep Medicine seminar series (#BSMinar) occurs weekly. All sessions are recorded and the archive of recorded sessions is online. All videos are currently free to access. The links on the page go directly to the videos, which are password-protected. To get access to the passwords, please use this form to request access to any videos you would like. To help cover costs of hosting the videos, we request that you make a small donation to our program if you watch the videos, but this is completely optional.

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