Participate in a Study!Essential Topics in Translational Sleep and Circadian Science

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The following videos are available for viewing:

Grandner Foundations of Translational Science for Sleep and Circadian Researchers and Clinicians
Michael A. Grandner
University of Arizona
Jean-Louis Progress Towards Reducing Disparities in Sleep/Circadian Health to Improve Cardiovascular and Brain Health
Girardin Jean-Louis
University of Miami
Nofzinger From Basic Science to Commercial Product
Eric Nofzinger
University of Pittsburgh
Chee Sleep to Improve Cognitive Outcomes
Michael Chee
National University of Singapore
Malhotra A Mechanistic Approach to Sleep Apnea Risk
Atul Malhotra
University of California, San Diego
Scheer Sleep and Circadian Disruption and Metabolism
Frank Scheer
Harvard University
Wright Sleep and Circadian Disturbance and the Gut Microbiome
Kenneth Wright
University of Colorado, Boulder
Fernandez Building of the Sleep and Circadian World by Animal Models
Fabian-Xose Fernandez
University of Arizona
Beecher Struggling Silently: What Clinicians and Researchers Should Know About the Patient Experience
Kristyn Beecher
Project Sleep
Christiansen Translational Sleep and Policymaking
Dane Christiansen
Health and Medicine Counsel
Mander Sleep, Aging, and Dementia
Bryce Mander
University of California, Irvine
Gradisar Sleep and Technology Use at NIght: Translating Laboratory Circadian and Sleep Research to Real-World Situations
Michael Gradisar
Flinders University
Hoganesch Peripheral Clocks
John Hoganesch
Cincinnati Childrens
Delecea Mechanisms of Sleep Integrity in Aging
Luis de Lecea
Stanford University
St Onge Sleep and Obesity Mechanisms
Marie-Pierre St-Onge
Columbia University
Pack Developing a Personalized Approach to Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Allan Pack
University of Pennsylvania
de Zambotti Wearable Sleep Technology: From Standard Actigraphy to Multi-Sensor Consumer Devices
Massimiliano de Zambotti
SRI International
Seghal Putting a Molecular Clock Together
Amita Seghal
University of Pennsylvania
Perlis What's EEG Got To Do With It?
Michael Perlis
University of Pennsylvania
Van Dongen Sleep, Sleep Deprivation, and Human Performance
Hans Van Dongen
Washington State University
Mednick Naps Are Great! But Are They For Everyone?
Sara Mednick
University of California, Irvine

Pediatric Sleep Health Disparities and Other Lessons Learned
Lauren Hale
Stony Brook University

Ruby Neurobiology of Dreaming
Perrine Ruby
University of Lyon
Roenneberg Sleep and Wake in the Context of Real Life
Till Roenneberg
Ludwig-Maximilians University
Mullington Sleep as a Regulator of Immune Function in Humans
Janet Mullington
Harvard University
Perez Pozuelo Past, Present, and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Science
Ignacio Perez-Pozuelo
University of Cambridge



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